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Authentic Korean Cuisine. BRING YOU CLOSER TO KOREAN CULTURES AND FOODS. Just like history of Korean cuisine has evolved together with its people, culture and tradition, Master Ha Restaurant has evolved keeping its original taste of Korea.


Our Restaurant
At Modoo we prepare our meal with almost care with thoughts of preparing it for our own family. We do not cheat our ways and promise to use the freshest ingredients In the kitchen. We can guarantee that our food is a high protein healthy food that you can trust and recommend to pregnant women and growing children.


The Taste of Korea!
We strive to provide you with first-class dining experience by presenting the culinary delights of Korean traditional dishes. We bring traditional Korean dishes to a vibrant dining experience by starting with the best quality ingredients.

가든 샐러드 / Garden Salad

Organic greens with house salad dressing

찐만두 (6pcs) / Steamed Dumplings

Home-made steamed dumplings made with
seasoned meat and vegetables

치킨윙 / Chicken Wings

Deep fried chicken wings (original or spicy)

떡볶이 / Tteok-Bokki

Stir-fried rice cake with fishcake and vegetables in chili paste

두부 샐러드 / Tofu Salad

Organic greens with tofu and house salad dressing

잡채 / Japchae

Stir-fried glass noodles with beef and vegetables

폭탄계란찜 / Steamed Egg Volcano

Steamed egg

치즈떡볶이 / Cheese Tteok-Bokki

Tteok-bokki with cheese topping


Deep fried dumplings made with seasoned meat
and vegetables

닭강정 / Chicken Gangjeong

Boneless seasoned chicken

통통계란말이 / Rolled Omelet

Rolled omelet with vegetables

야채튀김 / Mixed Vegetable Tempura

(10pcs) Deep fried vegetables in tempura batter

야채파전 / Vegetable Pancake

Pancake with green onion and vegetables

새우튀김 / Prawn Tempura

(6pcs) Deep fried prawns in tempura batter

김치파전 / Kimchi Pancake

Pancake with kimchi and vegetables

모듬튀김 / Assorted Tempura

(2+8pcs) Deep fried vegetables and prawns in tempura batter


Pancake with mixed seafood and vegetables

돈까스 세트 / Tonkatsu Set

Pork cutlet with rice ........................

오뎅우동 / Fishcake Udon

Noodle soup with fishcakes and vegetables

치킨까스세트 / Chicken Katsu Set

Chicken cutlet served with rice, soup and salad

뎀푸라 우동 / Tempura Udon

Noodle soup with tempura and vegetables

함박까스 / Hamburger Katsu Set

Beef patty cutlet served with rice, soup and salad

짬뽕우동 / Spicy Seafood Udon

Beef patty cutlet served with rice, soup and salad

김치볶음밥 / Kimchi Fried Rice

Fried rice with ham, kimchi and vegetables

돌솥비빔밥 / Stone Pot Bibimbap

Rice hot pot topped with beef and assorted vegetables

해물돌솥 / Seafood Stone Pot Bibimbap

Rice hot pot topped with seafood and assorted vegetables

새우볶음밥 / Shrimp Fried Rice

Fried rice with shrimp and vegetables

두부돌솥 / Tofu Stone Pot Bibimbap

Rice hot pot topped with tofu and assorted vegetables

새싹비빔밥 / Sprout Bibimbap

Rice bowl topped with sprout and assorted vegetables

김치돌솥 / Kimchi Stone Pot Bibimbap

Rice hot pot topped with kimchi and assorted vegetables

삼겹살구이 / Pork Belly

Grilled pork belly

L.A 갈비 / L.A Kalbi

Marinated grilled beef short ribs

코다리양념구이 / Grilled pollack

(2pcs) Seasoned grilled pollack

불고기 / Beef Bulgogi

Marinated grilled beef

고등어구이 / Grilled Mackerel

Grilled Mackerel

코다리무조림 / Stewed Pollack

Stewed Pollack with radish

돼지불고기 / Spicy Pork Bulgogi

Marinated grilled pork

임연수구이 / Grilled Atka Mackerel

Grilled atka mackerel

은대구조림 / Stewed Sablefish

Stewed sablefish with radish

된장찌개(차돌/해물) / Bean Paste Stew

Stew made with fermented soybean paste (Beef / Seafood)

손만두국 / Dumpling Soup

Home-made dumpling soup

설렁탕 / Seol-long-tang

Ox bone soup with brisket

갈비탕 / Kalbi-tang

Beef short rib soup

손만두전골 / Dumpling Hot Pot

Dumpling hot pot with vegetables

순두부찌개 / Soft Tofu Stew

Soft tofu stew (Kimchi / Beef / Seafood / Mixed)

떡만두국 / Dumpling & Ricecake Soup

Home-made dumpling & ricecake soup

추어탕 / Chueo-tang

Mud fish soup

우거지 갈비탕 / Cabbage Kalbi-tang

Beef short rib and cabbage soup

부대찌개 / Army Hot Pot

Spicy mixed meat and vegetable hot pot

김치찌개 / Kimchi Stew

Kimchi stew with pork

육개장 / Yukgaejang

Spicy beef soup

감자탕 / Gamja-tang

Pork back-bone potato soup

감자전골 / Gamja Hot Pot

Pork back-bone potato hot pot

해물전골 / Seafood Hot Pot

Seafood hot pot with vegetable

오징어통구이 / Grilled Cuttlefish

Stir-fried whole cuttlefish in spicy sauce

쭈삼이 / Jjusami

Stir-fried seasoned webfoot octopus, pork belly and vegetables

왕족발 / Wang Jokbal

House special seasoned pork trotter

오징어볶음소면 / Spicy Stir-fried Cuttlefish

Stir-fried seasoned cuttlefish and vegetables with noodles

쭈꼬꼬 / Jjukoko

Stir-fried seasoned webfoot octopus, chicken and vegetables

영양갈비찜 / Youngyang Kalbi Jjim

House special steamed back ribs

두부김치 / Tofu Kimchi

Stir-fried kimchi and pork with steamed tofu

모두보쌈 / Modoo Bossam

House special broiled pork belly

매운갈비찜 / Spicy Kalbi Jjim

House special steamed back ribs in spicy sauce

Combo A. 순두부 + 고등어 반사이즈

Soft Tofu Stew + Half Piece Grilled Mackerel

Combo D. 돌솥비빔밥 + 불고기 or 돼지불고기

Stone Pot Bibimbap + Bulgogi or Pork Bulgogi

Combo B. 순두부 + 불고기 or 돼지불고기

Soft Tofu Stew + Bulgogi or Pork Bulgogi

Combo E. 돌솥비빔밥 + L.A 갈비

Stone Pot Bibimbap + L.A Kalbi

Combo C. 순두부 + L.A 갈비

Soft Tofu Stew + L.A Kalbi

소주 / Soju / 烧酒


맥주 / Beer / 啤酒


막걸리 / Makgeolli / 米酒




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